Hair loss could be attributed to several factors and genetics has the most prominent say in how long you will keep your hair. The old myth that your hair is attributed to your mother’s side of the family has been thoroughly debunked, and genetics from both sides play a part.

Male and female hairloss can be traumatizing and generally results in a loss of confidence. Most men and women really want their hair back but they have no idea of how to achieve this goal. If you have tried everything and you are not satisfied with the results, we have a hairloss solution for you. Through our weaving glue method our hair extensions achieves the natural look of a head of hair to provide you with more confidence and security. There are a variety of looks to choose from that includes different colors, styles and lengths. Wigs  that can be braided, twisted, dreaded, short cut, colored and styled can be applied to different textures of hair that suits each character and style. Consultations and appointments are a must when making the decision for us to treat hear loss.


You are required to sign a disclosure agreement form prior to service which entails product descriptions, follow ups needed, and instructions based on service maintenance and care needed for hair and service. If you choose not to sign disclosure, we will not proceed with services.  Our starting prices are varied at a start base and increases per client depending on length of hair ,color, style and texture.  All adjustments to your hair are made prior to appointment and consultations. If you are unsatisfied with the product or service you have 21 days to inform us via email, text message, voicemail, messenger, or telepone call and to raise your concerns with us.  After 21 days without any form of contact or response there will be no refunds given. A refund would be 30% of the service fee.