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Our signature packages are designed to revive your spirits, uplift your mind, rejuvinate your body and relieve your stress. Packages include healthy supplements containing antioxidants that boost hair, skin and body.

Signature Packages

About Us

For the past 6 years Giselle Gordon  has been the Creative Director and known as the Multicultural Hairstylist treating all hair textures in our Diverse Community, As owner of GVG Hairstyles Giselle has been working privately in the Orlando area and has 20 years of experience with techniques she acquired from her home town, Brooklyn New York.

GVG Hairstyles relaunched in the  Studio Area during the  COVID crisis and are known for perfecting hair care and beauty. We offer a one of a kind experience by uniting all hair textures and diversifying Orlando South Park Glamour in a private office suite space.

We cater to you responsively and work together to meet each guests needs. We offer strictly one appointment at a time and work with integrity to meet each clients goal. 


What Our Customers Say

Professional Services

Just got a keratin treatment with Giselle and had a great experience! She is very professional and efficient! I was expecting the appointment to last at least two hours but she was able to get my in and out in 1.5 hours! Best of all, she makes you feel like family. I highly recommend her for any hair services you may need!

Shailee Vose

Excellent Service

Very nice and professional!! She did a really excellent job on my sew in!!

Britney Thompson

Excellent Customer Service

Good communication and good customer service I will book again very soon.
Nathalie Mawamba

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